Faith Fanzine Summer 2022 / Ibiza Hippie Mix

Copies of the summer issue of Faith Fanzine have arrived in Japan, and so for a further piece of promo, I thought I`d provide a little bit of background on the Ibiza Hippie story that I wrote – É Proibido Proibir – named after the Caetano Veloso E Os Mutantes tune (“It is forbidden to forbid”) which was an island favourite.  

This fictional fix is a sort of potted history of The White Isle`s bohemian background,  woven into a first-person narrative and designed to lead into, introduce, the other articles in the magazine. 

It draws on research that I was doing for a proposed exhibition of “Balearic Beat” memorabilia which was due to be held at Potatohead in Bali, but which Covid and the pandemic sadly put paid to. 

I actually amassed a book`s worth of material, following the Beat from its origins, to London, across the UK, chasing it back down through Europe, before finally returning to Ibiza and the present day. If anyone’s interested in taking a butcher’s, with a view to perhaps, possibly, publishing, please do drop me a line. Failing that I may serialize it here, rather than have it just sit on my hard drive. 

Music is, of course, central to everything that I write – it is the fuel, as Hunter S. Thompson used to say – so along the way I’ve been at pains to list and catalogue the records that helped mould Ibiza`s particular magick. 

The fine folk at Faith have already very kindly posted a Spotify set of Pre-88 Balearic Beats, that I put together, which hopefully fairly comprehensively covers the early 1980s, but here I thought I`d have a shot at selecting a few songs to go with that opening story – something more `70s-centric. 

Jolyon Green made an excellent Ibiza Hippy Mix, back when I was still at Test Pressing – which, if you haven’t already, you should definitely check out* – but here I’ve complied the tunes cited in my text, stuff that was passed on to me largely in first-hand interviews. Something you could perhaps listen to as you read. 


*Jolyon has also translated, and significantly extended, that mix into a smashing Spotify play-list.

Faith Fanzine can be “purchased” here. The magazine is free. All you pay is postage. 


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