Motown Hits Of Gold / Lamont Dozier (June 16, 1941 – August 8, 2022)

These are the songs that I fell in love to, for the first time. 

Their lyrics, simultaneously stomping and swooning arrangements, care of brothers Brian & Eddie Holland, and Lamont Dozier, taught me that to love is to hurt, and that to paraphrase Stevie Smith, only the heartbroken can be heavenly. 

Their mix of dance rhythms and melancholy characterized the Tamla Motown sound, scored countless `60s pop chart #1s, and turned the label, and studio, into Hitsville U.S.A. 

Their wounded romance had a, now, deeply rooted impact on me. They played a huge part in shaping the person that I am, and any “art” I might attempt to create. They have coloured the way I’ve lived my life. 

I found a strength in their sadness. Like all the best music does, it let me know that I wasn’t alone in feeling alone, and convinced me, long ago, that love is the only meaningful goal. Something that should be reached for, strived for, at all times, regardless of the costs. 

I might have lost my cherry to their tune, but I’m not talking lust here, I’m talking about L-O-V-E LOVE, brothers and sisters. They are songs that I learnt word for word. 

I was going to be clever, and list a load of covers, by the likes of The Stones, The Jam, The Fall, and The Afghan Whigs, but it was the originals, collected on a couple of budget samplers that made their mark on me. 

Man, “I`m ready for love.”

“Is this the way it`s supposed to be?”

Lamont Dozier, Thank you for the music. Rest In Peace. 

motown hits of gold volume 2

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