David Harrow / Future Dubs

Venerable, veteran dubwise adventurer / explorer, David Harrow, releases a new album’s worth of musical missives from his “modular monster”. All improvised around plugged-in, patched live takes. 

Here, the one-time, sometime, ON-U Sound-er, Andrew Weatherall / Adrian Sherwood / Jah Wobble / Orb affiliate largely eschews the experimental for a chilled set of seasonal “easy-listening” – gentle sun-stroked grooves of summer suitable madness. Where icy, crystalline ambient atmospheres are warmed by womb-like Jam Down bottom end. Step slowly to decayed drums` soft stoned thud. Staggering as if strolling through treacle, molten molasses, trapped between dimensions, warped wonky in a mylar chamber. 

Sequences scurry backwards, shudder, shiver, and are stretched into sitar-like strains. Steel pan snippets spin within the tumbling timpani. An electric elephant roars. Circuits sing like birds. Nyabinghi ritual is rattled, filtered through techno twists. Transformed into a fog of feather-like fragments. Rimshots are tight, taut, like bullets bouncing off armour-plating. These spaced-out trippy details, dizzy in delay, synergising in a synapse-soothing psychedelic soup. 

Stress Is A Language is a moment of particularly measured patient cool – reminiscent of Massive Attack meeting the mighty Mad Professor. Locked in a loop of eternal feedback. 

The closing Waking Dream seems to touch on several milestones in David’s journey to date. A post-punk pulse powering a mixture of muted, aquatic, emissions – melodica, and bleeps which nod toward `90s IDM. 

David Harrow`s Future Dubs can be purchased directly from Bandcamp. 

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