Greg Foat / Psychosynthesis (Parts 1 & 2)  / Foundation Music

After remixing the fabulous Lady Blackbird a little while back, the fabulous Greg Foat makes his solo debut on Foundation Music. The London-based label lifting the title track from Greg’s recent self-released double LP, Psychosynthesis. A record focused on Greg’s love of vintage synths, and composed in collaboration with drummer Morgan Simpson, of Croydon art / jazz / rock combo, Black Midi (who are currently signed to Rough Trade). 

Greg Foat Psychosynthesis LP

Presented in 2 parts the track starts with space age sequences. Gated laser-gun blasts, undercut by romantic strings. This orchestration occasionally “stabbing”, and bringing some classic Detroit techno drama. Imagine Mayday in love, maybe. A couple of minutes in, you’re made conscious of a kick, but it stays understated. Never banging, more a pulse propelling the soulful, symphonic electronics.

The second installment is squelchier. Wonkier with wow and flutter. Panpipe patches making it a ringer for the more ambient end of `90s Italian house – cuts such as the much loved Last Rhythm. Towards its close, the tune tonally transforms, with the undulations taking on snaking kosmische shapes. 

Still sort of under wraps there’s also a remix on the way, from John Holiday aka Foremost Poets, of Nu Groove / Reasons To Be Dismal fame. The veteran Philadelphia-born, New Jersey-raised DJ having produced a proper, proudly, pounding rework. A moody, magnificent march aimed straight at the heart of a pumping dance-floor. Trippy, and trance-y, with elegantly evolving, complex, layered, drum patterns, and a hypnotic interwoven vocal snippet. While throughly modern in execution, John`s version excursion is totally The Second Summer Of Love in spirit. Euphoric, seemingly effortlessly ecstatic, it’ll have open – expanded – minded, enlightened ravers – those that understand – raising their hands for sure. 

Greg Foat Psychosynthesis

Greg Foat`s Psychosynthesis Part 1 & 2 is out now, on Foundation Music, with the Foremost Poets remix due any minute now. 

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