Répéter / Blue Perfidia

On Blue Perfidia, Martin Yul Werner, aka Répéter, is back with his trademark tremolo twang. The Austrian guitarist gracing 8 new tracks of groovy, dark, danceable exotica. Surrogate Tarrantino soundtracks, rich with reverb, and distortion. Titty Twister tangos, and switchblade-packing ready-to-rumble rhumbas. Percussion rattling like a tin cup against the bars of Cuban jail. Down by law, like Tom Waits and Marc Ribot. Pulling on Trouble`s braids, and stepping on the Devil`s tail. A trumpet adding a touch of the surreal seedy sleaze of Tom’s  Shore Leave, or the after-hours jazz of Scorsese and Hermann`s Taxi Driver, David Lynch and The Bad Angel.

These soundtracks for grindhouse exploitation double-features, themes for Coppola and S.E. Hinton`s greasers, socking it to ya, like The Animated Egg`s surf meets psychedelia. Misirlou made more mysterious, with echoed licks of Eastern promise. Turkish psyche delight. Too fast to live, too young to die chicken races run in parallel with the updated `50s brass-knuckle noir of punk-jazzers Red Snapper. Gritty retro gangland gear for guys and dolls with golden arms. 

Répéter`s Blue Perfidia can be ordered directly from Bandcamp. 

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