Warmduscher / The Remixes / Bella Union – By Adam Turner

Words by the ever erudite Adam Turner.

Warmduscher have called in the heavyweights to remix songs from their fourth album, At The Hotspot. Members of Fat White Family and Paranoid London put Warmduscher together to play a New Year’s Eve house party in 2014. It’s become a more serious, growing concern since then, with four albums in seven years – but also not that serious. Warmduscher’s tongues are firmly in their sleazy cheeks. The four acts brought together for this E.P. of remixes all sound like they’re having huge amounts of fun, the ghosts of the previous six decades of rock ‘n’ roll flitting around, pushing buttons, sliding faders, skinning up and coming down.

Yard Act, Leeds indie/ post-punk sprechgesang four piece, tackle Greasin’ Up Jesus, a slurry groove with dirty guitars writhing around, hitchhiking into territory that groups like Alabama 3 once occupied – a gospel / electronic rock ‘n’ roll / garage rock hybrid that comes to a sudden halt like the plug’s been pulled out by someone tripping over it.

Red Axes take on Twitchin’ In The Kitchen and hit it with a massive electronic rhythm – kick drums and handclaps and lightning strike 6-string slashes. The vocals, chanted and muttered, ride around on top. Percussion rattles away. Filters and FX take over. The sprit of Iggy Pop seems to be present, rolling around in broken glass and peanut butter.

Hot Chip`s Joe Goddard stretches the three minutes of Fatso out over ten minutes of slinky, slo-mo, electronic bump and grind – vocals scattered along the way, singer Clams Baker Jr. snarling ‘when push comes shoving… its time to roll up both your sleeves’. Goddard keeps things appropriately slow and low, his own sleeves rolled up, a synth b-line twisting around and gnarly tops dropping in and out.

Glok’s remix of the same song also doubles its length, and leads with the string-bending guitar line. Upping the pace and tension Andy Bell builds up a good head of steam, marshalling pumping rhythms with a churning, addictive undertow while Clams utters ‘Fatso’s got Viagra and Peruvian gold / Let the good times roll’. At five minutes everything drops out and then the stuttering rhythm comes back in – whooshing noises flying around, the cowbell’s knocking away, and the mangled vocals panning from left to right and back again. It’s all gloriously good wholesome filthy fun, and a very welcome distraction from what’s going on in the “news” and on TV.

Warmduscher`s Remixes are out now, on Bella Union.

You can find more fine prose from Adam Turner over at his own brilliant blog, The Bagging Area.

Warmduscher - Remixes

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