Simon James / Electronic Breeze / Lo Recordings

Techno tearaway, turned hip hop hero, turned Buchla buccaneer, Simon James – sometimes The Simonsound – has signed two side-long pieces to Lo Recordings. Originally designed for an exhibition at Salford`s Lowry Gallery, the compositions – A Sound Has An Inside, and The Eyes Connect – are collected on a bespoke cassette, under the title, Electronic Breeze. Both, appropriately, invoke gentle, warm, weather. 

Simon James Electronic Breeze Poster

The former finds pinpoints of sound stretched into graceful glides. Hushed murmurs of melody slowly emerging. Bringing a sense of something waking, stirring. It would be hard to imagine a music more minimal, yet it fills the air, the room, with its resonance. The carefully controlled pulses paying perhaps tribute to, and rivaling, Kankyo Ongaku master, Hiroshi Yoshimura. These are sonics to soothe the stressed, and insomniacs. The wind-chime-like ripples and whispers purveying the sort of peace that you`d hope to experience as you drift off to sleep. The pretty patterns dancing like light on closed / tired lids. The organic arrangements, lullabies, of circuitry bleeps, conjuring images of wildlife, creatures, conversing. Spare, sparse droplets gathering into glistening glissandos. Constantly changing shape, shifting, but always serene. 

The second selection is a similarly sublime aural oasis, consisting of unhurried, patient, amorphous musical mutations. Faded, muted fanfares of a malleable morphology, that synergise with patches, pools, of ticking, trickling, tickling, percussion to synthesize a sea of tranquility. Supple serpentine sequences – on occasion sucked backwards – mixing with Tibetan bowl tonalities. Being built on a Buchla 200e Electric Music Box Simon’s work here can’t help but summon that of the instrument`s pioneers. Creating a blissed-out calm `midst the breakers of Suzanne Ciani`s new age waves.

Simon James Electronic Breeze

Simon James` Electronic Breeze is available to preorder from Lo Recordings.

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