Pinky Perzelle / No Games / Perzelle Recordings

Pinky Perzelle, aka West London-based multi-instrumentalist Sonny Rooney, produces a pukka piece of pop in the shape of No Games. Released digitally back in August, 12” vinyl is now on the way. The song was co-written with singer Eda Eren, whose smokey torch, Turkish and English, vocals weave in and out. Sigh sexily on the chorus. The original mix is a swinging slice of modern R&B, where the sharp jazzy syncopation seems to take influence from classic library music cues. The tremolo-twanging axe solo, and accompanying harmonic heavy breathing, packing the track full of drama, and lending it the cinematic feel of a storytelling, spy / Bond, theme. The funky drums – care The Heliocentrics` mighty Malcolm Catto – fading to some fine Roma violin – from Greek musician, Fotis Siotas – as the tune reaches its finale. There`s also a housed-up Electronic Version which focuses on the kick, the “fiddle”, and fretwork. The beats bolstered by cowbell and clipped rhythm guitar. 

For the remix, Sonny signs up his dad, legendary DJ / digger, Gerry, who alongside the equally legendary Joel Martin, makes up Velvet Season & The Hearts Of Gold. The veteran vinyl addicts slow things down to a magnificently moody, seductive somnambulant shuffle, pushing Eda`s voice back to the fore – for the first 4 minutes – and then dropping into a more dubwise second half. Spinning the 6-string sections in reverse, catching the percussion in delay. The echo, entrancing. The bottom-end a big digidub boom. 

Digital is available on Bandcamp. I ordered my vinyl from Phonica. 

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