A couple of weeks back The Insider asked rising star, Parisian DJ / producer Marina Trench, to share with us a few “Balearic” favourites from her homeland. Here Marina runs down a parallel personal French house top ten. 

Word and selections by Marina Trench. Idea instigated The Insider. 

Marina Trench Sweet State FULL EP ART

Pepe Bradock – Deep Burnt 

Pepe Bradock - Deep Burnt

A timeless track from Pépé Bradock. I’ve often got this record in my bag, I love it so much. For me it’s always like an immersive experience when I listen to it.

St. Germain – Pont des Arts 

St. Germain - Pont des Arts 

Another massive classic French House track from Ludovic Navarre aka St-Germain. It was my mother who used to listen to this LP all the time at home, I must have been 9 or 10 years old and I remember that this track relaxed me so much.

Soldiers Of Twilight – Drive On 

Soldiers Of Twilight - Drive On 

I’ve always been a fan of this track which was released in the early 2000s by French trio Soldiers of Twilight. It`s soulful house vibes always puts a smile on my face. I love the vocals from Lady Bird.

Shazz – Marathon Man

Shazz - Marathon Man

This is one of my most favorite tracks ever – it`s in my all time 10 top!

Marina Trench – Cascade ft Sabrina Bellaouel (DJ Deep and Romain Poncet aka Fang’ Remix)

Marina Trench - Cascade

This one means a lot to me. This track was part of my first release, and the first remix by the legendary DJ Deep and Romain Poncet aka Traumer. Also for me it’s incredible for being out on the great label Deeply Rooted. For the remix they kept a few samples of the voice of singer Sabrina Bellaouel and I love so much how they re-create the it.

Mad Rey – Tribute To Roy Ayers

Mad Rey - Tribute To Roy Ayers

Mad Rey is one of the more recent producers who have really brought a breath of fresh air to the French house scene. He is very talented and most of his tracks make me feel like dancing.

Tatyana Jane – Good by Summer 

Tatyana Jane - Good bye Summer 

Tatyana is one of France`s most promising artists. She comes from the Afro Bass Music scene, and I love it so much here, where she mixes in house music influences as well. All my support to her. Enjoy the vibe!

Hugo LX – Oversight II 

Hugo LX - Oversight II 

Such a good release from the unmissable Hugo Lx. This one dips me in ultra warm vibes. I love it so much. The solos piano solos are magic!

Aleqs Notal – Got Me Movin’

Aleqs Notal - Got Me Movin

The music of Aleqs Notal is always of a very high quality and full of good grooves. I`m a big fan of his work.

Dylan Dylan – I Got A Feeling 

Dylan Dylan - I Got A Feeling 

Elise is such a talented artiste! This one fits particularly well if you want to take a ride on the dancefloor (laughs). 

Marina Trench`s Impermeable En Ete E.P. is out now, on Sweet State.

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