2022 / A Few Favourites / Timmy Stewart / Black Bones

As part of Belfast’s Black Bones, Timmy Stewart has been making incredible industrial-edged dance music for a good while now, a fine example of which was Nairobi Night Train, released on Hoga Nord. The duo were also responsible for some of my favourite edits of 2022, in the shape of their post-punk / new wave-d themed E.P. for Rimini’s Duca Bianco. Solo Timmy created one of the summer’s most popular remixes when he manhandled his old pal Gary “Vendetta Suite” Irwin’s Warehouse Rock. Here, the veteran / stalwart of Northern Ireland’s house and techno scene shares a few of his own favourites from the last 12 months. 

Black Bones Nairobi Night Train


The Vendetta Suite - The Kempe Stone Portal Remixes

Super selections and wonderful words by Timmy Stewart.

Here you go, seven that got heavy rotation from me in 2022.

Crimewave – Disposable

This one knocked me sideways when I first heard it, almost crashing the car in the process. I love a band making pushing-it electronics and, to me, this sounds like Playgroup at the desk of a modern day Ride.

Crimewave - Disposable

Elaine Howley – Buried Way Out

Psychedelic folk greatness from one of my favourite albums this year, “The Distance Between Heart And Mouth” on Ireland’s first class Touch Sensitive.

Elaine Hawley - The Distance Between Heart And Mouth

Sunfear – Octopus

Cocteau Twins x MBV vibe, understatedly magnificent.

Sunfear - Octopus

Idjut Boys – Speedball (Whizbang Mix)

2022 was the re-return of the Idjuts in full force, literally pumping out belter after belter. Check “Quick Bowl” too – all killer, no filler!

Idjut Boys - Speedball

Eden Burns – Beat The Chart

Proof as if it were needed, why keeping things deceptively simple can also mean being equally devastating. Eden Burns was on fire this year, and with a groove that wouldn’t sound out of place on Cómeme, this one never failed to work the floor.

Eden Burns - Beat The Chart

Matheson – Systemic

Matheson - Systemic

Great next generation music from Northern Ireland, so beautifully executed.

Pink Skull – Strummer Maxx

Released in 2021 but first heard in 22 and subsequently on repeat. Absolutely beautifully bonkers. That lush shuffling groove into an industrial edged breakdown is both brave and refreshing.

Pink Skull - Strummer Maxx

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