Paolo Mosca / Organic A . I. / Perty

Italian DJ, based in the province of Treviso, Paolo Mosca, has produced a quintet of quality tunes for Perty (sorta short for “permanent beauty”). An exploration of trippy techno sounds, the E.P. is split between the beatless and the breakbeat-driven. Secret Nature takes field recorded birdsong as its starting point. Twisting the twittering beyond recognition, and mixing this with chattering circuitry and a bionic bass undulation. All combined in a delicate dance of busy bleeps. Our Indissolute Connection in contrast sounds like a Sci-Fi city sleeping. Its abstract atmospherics like a million life support systems blinking. The title track, Organic A.I., however,  is probably the “ambient” standout. An epic of spiraling sequences. Like a gentler Theme From It’s All Gone Pear-shaped. Or a more serene shot at The Detroit Grand Pubahs’ Skydiving From Venus.*


EthnicTronic and New Era are both a lot more dance-floor orientated, and seem to pay homage to the break-bolstered business that came out of The Bay Area in the early to mid 1990s. A wicked West Coast / San Francisco sound, that on the former – the most Balearic beat here – features funky congas, growling bass, and tropical marimba. Its riff, a reed-like hook. The latter, meanwhile, rocks to live drumming, and metal guitar shredding, in the manner of Tackhead’s mighty Skip McDonald. Harking back to a USA rave heyday of Hardkiss, 3 Nudes In A Purple Garden, Central Fire, Young American Primitive, and neighbouring Nevada’s Crystal Method. 


Paolo Mosca`s Organic A . I. is out now on Perty.

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