Tecwaa / MeO Notion / Throne Of Blood – By Adam Turner

Wonderful words by the ever erudite Adam Turner.

New York’s Throne Of Blood released four 20th anniversary E.P.s last year and the label shows no signs of resting on its dark disco / techno laurels in 2023. Their latest set sees York based DJ producer Tecwaa (Paul Fawcett) pull together an inky inner /outer space shot, cinematic deep house, chugging psychedelic dub, and some sleek science fiction shenanigans.

Many Fallen Skies initiates manouveres, with whipcrack snares and sharp synth repeats, the bass-line busting through to the fore, with bleeps and bloops whizzing about the mix. It`s something that’s sure to soundtrack a fair few late night / early morning adventures. Solaris follows, a graceful glide with chunky drums and sinuous synth-lines. The sound of equipment buzzing and needles being pushed toward the red. An acidic squiggle kicks in at two and a half minutes, twisting and turning, totally absorbing, but never outstaying its welcome. This is the kind of low slung trance dance music that could easily find a home at an ALFOS event.

Long Past The Echoes is the next electric emission, a cowbell cavorting with its bumping drum pattern and deep b-line. That rave Hoover bass and clattering percussion keeping things moving until a breakdown introduces a disjointed keyboard riff – like early `90s piano house, but transposed to a minor key. Sounding very alone, this plays over waves and drones, falling apart gradually before the kick and snare return.

The E.P. closes with I Terra Dub, whose ominous low frequency oscillations and rattling rhythm accompany warped and distorted vocals, speaking in a distant and alien tongue. The whole package shares a strong Sci-Fi feel, from the nod to Andrei Tarkovsky’s classic 1972 movie, to the cosmic transmissions of the final track, as if the music were spinning further and further away from the Earth and out into the profound unknown. 

Tecwaa MeO Notion

Tecwaa’s  MeO Notion is out now on Throne Of Blood.

You can find more proper, on point, prose from Adam Turner over at his own brilliant blog, The Bagging Area. Adam is also part of the admin at the mighty Flightpath Estate.

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