Woodleigh Research Facility / Apparently Solo Volume 2

Following her participation in the recent Moine Dubh Beltane celebrations, Nina Walsh, rescues a few more gnostic sonic relics from the vast Woodleigh Research Facility treasure trove. Releasing a trio of decidedly, defiantly, electronic tunes, that are markedly different to the May Day festival’s fragile and magical acoustic folk. 

With its tempo tethered to 102-112 BPM, so slightly less pummeling perhaps than its predecessor, Volume 1, this latest installment of the Apparently Solo series is still aimed straight at the heart of darker dance-floors. The hip-shaking, and hypnotic This Whole Fandango, for example, is a menacing machine march. Fired by savage snares and a fierce 4 / 4 thump. Further fueled by subliminal whispers, stretched siren-like screeches, and dubwise sound effects, its groove’s got a lot to do with old school acid house. 

Apparently Solo Volume 2_1

While a slow, sleazy shuffle, Heat To Meat Ratio, boasts a dynamic drum track, which pushes and pulls – precisely – various percussive elements to and from the fore. Buffered by bleeps, shocked by synth screams and shouts, and showered with details like criss-crossing comet tails, it sounds very much like one of Walsh and Weatherall’s modern motorik marvels, but pitched right down. 

Apparently Solo Volume 2_2

We Too starts out dreamy, downtempo, despite its hammer hitting anvil beat. Wobbling to a wonky, morphing, metallic, mylar-like melody, before being seized by sinister synth-pop strokes, and cavorting to keys that croak like Fairlight frogs mimicking a funky Clavinet. 


Apparently Solo Volume 2 can be purchased directly from Bandcamp. Fifty per cent of all profits will be donated to Shelter, one of Andrew Weatherall’s favoured charities. Physical Woodleigh Research Facility artifacts, including Moine Dubh memorabilia, can be found on Big Cartel. 

Woodleigh Research Facility

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