Revival Season / Chop / Heavenly Recordings

I raved before about Revival Season’s first single, Iron Warrior, and now, with the release of their second, I’m raving once more. I’m assuming that the Atlanta duo’s stage name is a clue to the sound they’re revisiting, that of classic mid to late `90s hip hop. Heavy, head-nodding, cut to jazzy contrabass, music by the likes of DJ Shadow and Quannum. Stuff found on Solesides and Mo Wax. With Jonah Swilley at the mixing desk and BEZ on the mic, Chop is a swing at suckers and sellouts who fall for the system. A salvo loaded with threat and menace. 

Inner Space Quartet, featuring Discodor’s Lee Skelly and The Bees` Aaron Fletcher, fresh from fly 45s on Funk Night and Dime, remix the song into something resembling Trevor Jackson’s seminal “smokey” Canterbury Scene-sampling Underdog productions. Squeezing in some super stoned acid guitar. Its shimmering psyche organ worthy of The Doors` Ray Manzarek. The cymbal smashing breaks rivaling of Dave Axelrod’s work with The Electric Prunes. The lyrics too referencing Robert Wyatt – the pair’s despair with narcissism, “the golden age of self”. The key line here might just be “a dollar for your dignity.

Revival Season’s Chop is out now on Heavenly Recordings.

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