Bendith / Aficionado

Bendith slipped out a debut CD-only album last October, making some end of year charts. The band features members of Colorama, who remixed John Stammers for Wonderful Sound and were responsible for Aficionado`s third release, Hapus?, back in 2012. `Nado have now harvested a couple tracks, and secured a few new ones, for a vinyl E.P.  Although issued in the Autumn the pieces seem composed with the sun in mind. Providing a soundtrack that suits the current brilliant white of the Karuizawa snows.

Something about Bendith`s music makes me think of fairy tales. The magic after midnight of a shop full of animated toys. Lead soldiers falling for jewellery box ballerinas. Or a secret doorway opening. Dinas could have been lifted from Luboš Fišer`s score for Valerie And Her Week Of Wonders. The closing Dan Glo (fersiwn),  the same set to a dusty Funk break. Folk adorned with swooning strings, cello, harp, and a piano keeping time like the ticking of an antique clock. With unisex harmonies and a proud Welsh female lead. Title translations contrast Summer with city with lullaby and the Cymru landscape. They also squeeze in a cover of Moonboots` beloved Love Song in their native tongue.

N.B. The instrumental tracks also sound super nice at 33 RPM.

I also put together a Remedy broadcast for FM Karuizawa based around the Bendith E.P., and in part a tribute to legendary producer / arranger David Axelrod who sadly passed away on February 5th. 

Reference Links

John Stammers


Valerie And Her Week Of Wonders

Love Song

Dusty Funk Break (David Axelrod R.I.P.) 

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