Talamanca System / My Past Is Your Future / International Feel

Pianos rise and fall in endless crescendo. Much like the attack of Wim Merten`s Cafe Del Mar classic, Struggle For Pleasure. The music of blue waves breaking out at sea. White crested mirrors catching the sun. Fairlight angels sing above bongos, a gentle kick and guitar counterpoint. As snares build to a raise-your-hands roll.

The Chukka Chukka Dance Mix ramps the tempo up from 101 to above 120BPM. Charges along like Marshall Jefferson remixing Technique-era New Order (Why didn`t that happen?). While there`s a digital-only Trance version that takes it higher still. Relentless arpeggios opening Heavens. As ravers wave glow-sticks and commune with a collective mind / God.

My money`s on the ambience of the Beatless Stars In Space Mix, though. Where a second piano line comes in and runs away with your imagination. Without the machines demanding you dance.

Reference Links

Struggle For Pleasure


Marshall Jefferson


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