Mix / Chocolate Milk And Brandy / May – June 2017

My pick of the more downtempo, recent and forthcoming releases. Attempting to recreate the golden yesterdays of Jose Padilla`s White Isle sunsets with the tunes of today. 

Gaussian Curve play a bongo-led Blues for azure skies. Akis seduces with sax-y Noir. Arthur Verocai`s here, with another standout track from 10th anniversary reissue of his classic, Encore. Lena d`Agua`s Exotica has West meet East. Peter Westheimer`s machines imagine a wildlife idyll. Talamanca System struggle for pleasure. Jonny Nash & Suzanne Kraft fashion a fragile Not Classical Not Jazz reductionist soundscape. Justin Adams shimmers in desert heat. While The Swan & The Lake blow a cool breeze of chimes, vibes, steel pans and Barbershop harmonies. Scott Gilmore overdubs all manner of guitar twang. Swinging in the mode of  CFCF doing Seigen Ono. The bright sunshine virtuosity – on six strings and tabla – of former Bombay Hotel members, Nordso & Theill, has Speck Mountain`s Hey Moon meet Mahavishinu Orchestra`s When Blue Turns Gold. Jim Breese contributes a beautiful beatless Cocteau Twins-esque remix of Stockholm`s Tommy Awards (from the next Balearic. comp). Chee Shimizu`s 17853 imprint gets set to reissue some previously cassette only slowly evolving treasure from late Japanese Ambient pioneer, Hiroshi Yoshimura. Archeo Recordings pick up the trail of Paolo Modugno`s existential journey. 100% Electronica revisit Software`s surf, strings, and synths. Alice Coltrane Turiyasangitananda melts all religion, all colour, into a transportive One World music of church organs and choirs. Like a universal hymn sung at the end of time. Then the Penguin Cafe take their small boat bravely out onto the choppy waters of an imperfect sea.


Gaussian Curve – Four For You – Music From Memory

Akis – Erotica – Into The Light

Arthur Verocai – Caminho Da Roca – Far Out

Lena d`Agua – Tao – Strangelove

Peter Westheimer – Cadaghi Dreaming – Left Ear

Talamanca System – My Past Is Your Future (Beatless Stars) – International Feel

Jonny Nash & Suzanne Kraft – Photo With Grey Sky White Clouds – Melody As Truth

Justin Adams – Open Invitation – Wayward

The Swan & The Lake – Clouds Over Osterbro – Music For Dreams

Scott Gilmore – Europe – International Feel

Nordso & Theill – Sun Fo Ni – Music For Dreams

Tommy Awards – Sessions II (Jim Breese mix) – Balearic

Hiroshi Yoshimura – Tokyo Bay Area – 17853

Paolo Modugno – Brise d`Automne – Archeo Recordings

Software – Island Sunrise – 100% Electronica

Alice Coltrane Turiyasangitananda – Journey to Satchidananda – Luaka Bop

Penguin Cafe – Ricercar – Erased Tapes

Reference Links

Struggle For Pleasure 


Seigen Ono

Bombay Hotel 

Hey Moon 

When Blue Turns Gold 

Cocteau Twins

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