Noche Espanola / Highwood Recordings

A little bit cheesy, and a little bit tongue-in-cheek, I`m sure. The latest limited edition, hand-stamped, dance floor missive from Phil Mison`s Highwood Recordings reaches back to a time when London`s Kiss FM was still a pirate. When Rampling was on your radio. The sound of Ibiza`s Amnesia via Southwark street`s Shoom in your own home. Sunny Spanish Flamenco riffs brightening a dark city night. Post-Gipsy Kings Euro-Dance adding a rainbow of colour to a dull, dead-end, Thatcher`s Britain existence. Paradhouse and LANDRO & Co. The Yang to Acid`s Yin.

Boys` Own  No.5 / Spring 1988 / Quote Of The Year 2: Poncho-wearing clubber outside Theatre Of Madness, Central London, Monday night, 4 AM. 

“I don`t mind telling you, matey, I`m right on one, and I feel like I`m on holiday.”

Shiny synthesised Brass punctuating its Konk-like party groove. Think Max Essa`s Heartache (itself a “tribute” to Alfredo favourite, Pressure Time). Or Justin Strauss` remix of Tabarin, by Highwood`s own Cantoma.


There`s a moodier dub. Where percussion and timbales echo in NYC Peech Boys delay. Keys mimic steel pans. Guitars do a Frontera Del Ensueno. A piano, catching and raising your consciousness.

Check here for news on its release.

Reference Links

Gipsy Kings





Pressure Time


NYC Peech Boys

Frontera Del Ensueno

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