Mix / Cedric Woo / All Night At Brilliant Corners Part 2

I`ve gone on-line several times to state what a dude Cedric Woo is. How he blew away all my preconceptions (beard-stroking, straight-edge, Jazz purist – I can categorically state that he is definitely none of these) on our first meeting. How he span the best “eclectic” Dance-floor set I`ve ever heard, when he joined us at Bonobo in Harajuku. How Cedric`s party, Beauty And The Beat, run with Jeremy Gilbert and Cyril Cornet, might be the most enjoyable musical night out in London. 

As I guess with any DJ, the ideal way to check what Cedric does is live. On Easter Sunday, Cedric played “All Night”, six hours, at Dalston`s brilliant Brilliant Corners. That set is up on Cedric`s own Mixcloud page, but he`s very kindly given Ban Ban Ton Ton what happened after the paying guests had left. The soundtrack to the lock-in with only close friends and family: 

A Punk diva made ethereal. Pastoral futurism. Indie Highlife. Brazilian  berimbau, bangers, serenades and bedroom-eyed Boogie. Top Of The Pops mixed with cattle and crying babies by a Jamdown genius. Funky Folk. Deep Soul. Modern Soul classics. Head-Nodding beat-driven Jazz. Love songs. Fusion thoughts. 303 Flashbacks. Baldelli favourites. Comatonse. The unmistakable Mr. Fingers. Brummie Roots and sweet Portuguese Balearic. Percussive Czechoslovakian vocal gymnastics. Ye-Ye Torch singers and a Parisian synth-sensei`s pre-Compass Point gem. 

Words and Music by Cedric Woo. 


Phantom and Hold – Glass Heart

Re-setting the mood with this one as we’d just had a 20 minute break following a 6 hour ‘official’ party. Now we’re entering the magic hours. One of those records that sounds instantly familiar but not many know it. A beauty.

Plaid – Hawkmoth

I’ve always been a big fan of Plaid but it’s pretty rare to be able to play this in a club. One that’s on my playlist for a to do mix for listening on changa / DMT.

Secret Circuit – Walkin’ on the Water

I play this one often at Brilliant Corners because it takes on another dimension in that room; in fact I played it at the opening party at BC a few years ago and Chuggy (at Emotional Response, who released it), who was present, said he`d never heard it sounding so good.

Jorge Ben – Energia Bom Bom

This hasn’t left my bag since I got hold of a copy some time last year. It will work played at any time of the night. Big up to Atemi Blackbush who played it to me first.

Dom Salvador E Abolição – Hei! Você

There are so many good tunes on this LP but Hei! Você is the one I play most. It’s just so nice. A record I was given by my friend Joe Cool.

Airto – Parana

An instantly recognisable Airto in full on psychedelic mode. A Baldelli classic I believe.

Emilio Santiago – Dentro De Você

The kind of tune you sing along to even when you don’t have a clue about the lyrics or the language. One for Aneesh.

Terence Trent D’Arby – Sign Your Name (Lee Perry remix)

One of the most unusual collaborations ever. A bonkers Lee Perry mix of a song that everybody knows. Slowly we make love!

Bing Ji Ling – Twilight

First time I played this Maze cover out, it sounded incredible. The production is insane. BJL also made a beautiful cover of Hangin’ On A String a few years back.

The Temptations – Do Your Thing

Classic late night Soul number, which I like even more than the Isaac Hayes original.

“If the music make you move ’cause you can really groove, then groove on, groove on. 

If you feel like you wanna make love under the stars above, love on, love on.”

Michael Kiwanuka – Tell Me A Tale

This Afro-tinged Soul nugget is a big favourite. I saw him perform it live and it was goosebumps all the way. Because we’ll always need loving my Lord, good, good loving.

Jay Dee – Think Twice (instrumental)

Jay Dee was so ahead of the game and here you can hear why.

Erykah Badu – Woo

Everyone loves this track, and a bit of a signature tune as well – obviously.

Amp Fiddler – Eye to Eye

One of those records that take me back to Plastic People’s Balance night. It was a staple there, and I still play it regularly.

A Tribe Called Quest – Buggin’ Out

One of my favourite ATCQ record from my favourite Hip Hop band ever. I love playing Hip Hop when people don’t necessarily expect it. It’s pretty rare these days to have Hip Hop mixed with other genres but it brings a whole different dimension to the party.

Linkwood Family – Miles Away

Sounds like something Larry Heard could have come up with. Deep House perfection.

Dream 2 Science – Dream 2 Science

I could have played any track off that legendary mini LP, but I’d never played this one out  before, so went for it. Sounded majestic.

Larry Heard – Flight of the Comet

A true cosmic gem from an LP I bought when it first came out and I was only just discovering who Larry Heard was. Little did I know…

Logic System – Unit

We’re continuing the flight in full on cosmic mode here – This sounded BIG.

Ann Margret – Everybody Needs Somebody Sometimes

Such a great song that seems to have been slightly forgotten for some reason – works every time.

UB40 – Don’t Break My Heart

I always love a bit of UB40 towards the end of a big night. Either this one or Dream A Lie.

Ban – Num Filme Sempre Pop

A bit an obsession with this one, which I’ve been pushing on everyone every chance I can. Not to be played in Portugal I’m told!

Social Material – Class

A Terre Thaemiltz masterpiece which I first heard being played by François (K) as an encore at one of his legendary nights at Plastic People in the early 00s. With a break that goes almost completely silent for a few seconds, you need full reverence from the audience in the room for it to really work…and we had it. For me it was perhaps the highlight of the night.

Françoise Hardy – Le Temps de l’Amour

Back to earth with this all time out favourite which can make even the hardest gangstas sing along. Never gets old and never sounded so good.

Arnold Blair – I Finally Made It Home

By this time I’d been playing for close to 9 hours and the journey was coming to an end. We made it! Believe it or not this Soul masterpiece had never been released until last year – the very definition of a lost classic!

Jana Koubkova – Nijana

Silvia bought me this record recently and I’ve been finishing quite a few parties with it already. She knows me well that woman.

Wally Badarou – Back to Scales

Last record of a long night. The kind of night you never want to end but somehow you have to. I am back to scales with this one. Back on the floor with everyone.


3 thoughts on “Mix / Cedric Woo / All Night At Brilliant Corners Part 2

  1. Ban – Num Filme Sempre Pop

    “A bit an obsession with this one, which I’ve been pushing on everyone every chance I can. Not to be played in Portugal I’m told!” About this comment, it’s not true you can’t play this fabulous music in Portugal. Ban was one of the greatest new bands in the 80’s in Portugal. They started a revolution back there, and is still refreshing hearing all musics. Timeless !


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