2017 / Cedric Woo / Beauty & The Beat

I`m always gushing about Cedric. Very likely embarrassing him. But the guy`s another “dude”. The Beauty & The Beat parties, and the London venue Cedric is probably best associated with, Brilliant Corners, continue to go from strength to strength. Building success, not by social media bombing, but by well-deserved word-of-mouth.

Beauty & The Beat, the label, produced its second release in 2017. Which with assistance from co-conspirator, Kay Suzuki, sent Paris` Blackbush Orchestra into orbit.

This month, the collective also launched an imprint for edits, Beauty Bits. Its debut featuring a clever dance-floor rearrangement of a somewhat New Age original on one side. With a looped and mutant Funk groove – that could be, but isn`t Talking Heads – on the other.

Three Tracks For Dancing

Dazion – Don’t Get Me Wrong (Be A Man)

Twice & Volcov – Takes Tomah (Twice version)

Leonidas & Hobbes – Web Of Intrigue (Extended Mix)

Three Tracks For Chilling

Dreamcast – Liquid Deep

Earth Patterns – First Light 

The whole E.P.

Nordsø & Theill Essaouira

Three Long Players

SoundspeciesAche Meyi – Soundspecies And Ache Meyi

Les Amazones d’Afrique – République Amazone

Albinos – Santa Barbara

Three Re-issues

Mickey Hart – Planet Drum

Beverley Glenn-Copeland – …Keyboard Fantasies…

Maria Rita – Brasileira

Three Compilations 

Jan Schulte – Tropical Drums Of Deutschland

Pop Makossa: The Invasive Dance Beat Of Cameroon 1976-1984

Oté Maloya: The Birth Of Electric Maloya On Reunion Island 1975-1986

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