Earthboogie / Mr. Mystery / Leng

More Machines and live percussion.

Mr. Mystery has bongos, clav, and flute set against a House kick. Making me think of Nuphonic classics. The Soul Ascendants` Afro. Faze Action`s orchestral Disco. E.B. Theme mixes balafon, brass and a 303 B-line. The machines clapping like it`s 1988 all over again. Route Ten To Interzone rides a Decent International groove of chants and clipped guitar. Konk at Mark Kamins` Danceteria. Karl Denver`s Indambinigi on Factory. Talking Head`s I Zimbra meets Zimba`s Baleka.

You can order a copy from Leng here.

Reference Links

Soul Ascendants

Faze Action

Decent International



I Zimbra


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