Jonny 5 / Blindsign / Pleasure Wave

Pleasure Wave is the sibling of Pleasure Unit. A new addition to the Keyboard Masher family. The label innorgarated by Jonny 5. Fresh from his rework of Carl & Carol Jacobs for Emotional Rescue.

Apocalypse drums a tribal big beat. A filtered and phased timpani of The Glitter Band meets Niagara. Fried circuits circling and spinning in swarms. Crashing into a Fourth World of fretless bass and muted horns. Electronix cuts up a Baldelli Cosmic classic. Machines stuck on red alert. Lights flashing. Synth solos suitably extravagant. Firedance is a sleazy downtempo banger. The kind you might expect to find on one of the labels run by Velvet Season And The Hearts Of Gold. Pole-dancing somewhere between Disco and New Wave. A headfuck of handclaps in delay like Larry Levan high. Its near Gospel vocal testifying the profane in echo. Sins. Lust and desire. Stardriver recalls Klaus Schultze`s Innovative Communications and Ralf Trostel`s Der Prophet. Darker analogue rumblings of undulating bass line, minor chord swells and monastic chant. Trance made to be played as the sun sets.

Reference Links

Carl & Carol Jacobs 

The Glitter Band


Fourth World

Velvet Season And The Hearts Of Gold

Klaus Schultze

Ralf Trostel 

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