Androo / Naya E.P. / Second Circle

With a background in Switzerland`s sound systems and Digidub production, Androo makes explicit here House and Dub Reggae`s shared sense of space.

It was this sense of space that made me fall in love with House in the Summer of 1989. As I hopped around the Greek Islands of Ios, Naxos, Paros, and Samos. Living on a diet of souvlaki and tequila slammers. With a cassette of Breakout`s House Hallucinates my only constant companion. Walkman on. William S and The Jungle Wonz didn`t seem such a sonic leap from the Dancehall rhythms that soundtracked the youth clubs and parties of my teens. Rodigan on the radio. Greensleeves. Junjo Lawes and Scientist. Both were first and foremost about bass. Its body-shaking blast reducing everything else to vacuum. Melody a ghost, a memory, in its black hole. To be honest, I also had a copy of Balearic Beats Volume 1, but I didn`t really get it. It just sounded like a night out at Croydon`s Underground. Tripping, pissed on cocktails rumoured to be laced with paraffin, I fell into that space. Got lost in it. Phuture couldn`t have been more appropriately named.

Androo is part Russell Bell-Brown`s Disciples. Part L.I.E.S.` Two Dogs. The jack of Chicago`s Music Box and Warehouse paired with horn-lines in praise of Zion. Carnival percussion. Tumbling Nyahbingi rattle. Synthesised strings. Pianos, filtered, phased, turned inside out. Jazzy chords lend 2000 & Universe a tropical air. Long Time skanks. But it`s The Ballistic Brothers` Jamayka Boys. Kenny Hawkes` Ashley`s War. More than King Tubby`s Hi-Fi or Lee Scratch Perry`s magical Ark. The acidic Slice Dub could be a Basic Channel Reshape in its glitch-y itch. Tape rewinding. Slowing down and speeding up. Revving forward,

Reference Links

William S

Jungle Wonz 

Junjo Lawes




Two Dogs

Ashley`s War

Basic Channel

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