2017 / Kenny Wisdom / Pleasure Unit

I met Kenny Wisdom around thirty years ago. Before I`d read Ringolevio. He was a friend of my sister`s, and running a Streatham record emporium, called Inner Rhythm (where Ross Allen was on the staff). Supplying me with tunes on labels like Relief, Cajual, Power Music, plus those Black Cock edits, and a ton of Hip Hop.

I`m hoping to post an interview with Kenny in the near future. Since he`s travelled through all of London`s Black Music scenes, and has some great tales to tell (not least how he dealt with a racist sergeant during a short stint in the forces). DJing, promoting, A&Ring for minors and majors, then driving a variety of labels of his own. But I`ll save the history lesson until then.

Kenny and friends started Keyboard Masher in 2010, which has spun out into Pleasure Unit and Pleasure Wave. 2017 saw them release Jonny 5`s Blindsign E.P. and Loose Change`s Do What You Need (a smash at Low Life by all accounts). While 12s from Joe Morris (Jacaranda Skies) and Miskotom (Hyena) are unfortunately currently held up in that old pressing plant queue.


Mytron & Ofofo – Something For The Mind

Joe Morris – Jacaranda Skies

The Hacker – Midnight Bliss


Vera Dvale & Psykovarious

DJ Sottofet Digitalo Mix

Sad City – Steady Jam (DJ Nature Mix)


Baxter Dury – Prince of Tears

Nummer – Second Sight

Tropical Hi Fi – Oceana


Krootchey –  Hot Voodoo Dub

Junior Byron – Trying To Hold On

Everything on Isle of Jura


Space Energy & Light: Experimental Electronic And Acoustic Soundscapes 1961-88 (Soul Jazz)

Welcome To Paradise Vol 1 & 2: Italian Dream House 89-93 (Safe Trip)

Soul Of A Nation (Soul Jazz)




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