Antonio Adolfo / Viralata / Far Out

Antonio Adolfo`s Viralata is highly sophisticated Brazilian Fusion. Imagine if Azimuth had punchy horn arrangements by Arthur Verocai. This shouldn’t be a surprise. Since the pianist / composer began his recording career over ten years earlier in 1967. Playing with big names such as Elis Regina and Gal Costa, before starting his own label, Artezanal. Brazil`s first independent label, that ran between 1977 and 1987 as an outlet for Adolfo`s music. Its debut release, Feito Em Casa, contains a favourite of mine, Ve.

Viralata, from 1979, packs in slick electric piano runs. Wah wah licks that squabble like jungle wildlife. Acoustic pianos that dance in the manner of Tania Maria`s Yatara Ta. Flutes and carnival Funk. Diana E Paulo adds a sax solo and New Orleans chicken scratch. The title track is a sweet love theme that could court Ramsey Lewis` Julia. Assanhada could pass for something from Airto`s Seeds On The Ground. Cascavel has been a classic on the London Jazz Dance scene for thirty years.

You can pre-order a copy of Viralata directly from Far Out Recordings

While I`m on recent Brazilian re-issues, Mr. Bongo also have a couple of essentials.

Gal Costa`s India, which the Neanderthal in me might say is worth it for the cover alone. The historian / librarian would insist that you need the track Relance.

Legendary songwriters, Jorge & Olivetti`s, sole self-titled LP is one of the most consistent Brazilian dancers I own. Every tune on it is wonderful, but none more so than Eva.

As a kind of aside, since it`s not Brazilian, but a cover of a Brazilian song, Soul Jazz have pressed Alive!`s Skindo Le Le on a 45. When my eldest was ten and got his first iPod, I made him a playlist titled Happy. A playlist of music that always makes me feel that way. This was on there.

Reference Links


Arthur Verocai

Tania Maria

New Orleans Chicken Scratch


Seeds On The Ground

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