2017 / Brazil

The job of releasing Brazilian music internationally continues to be dominated by two parties: Far Out Recordings and Mr. Bongo.

Arthur Verocai - Bis

My friends at Far Out, for a long time now, have been focussed on supporting the new. This year they released fresh sets from Sabrina Malheiros, Nomade Orchestra and Dokta Venom. Commissioning remixes from a host of hip names. Like Glen Astro, Jeen Bassa, Contours, Max Graef, Reginald Omas Mamode IV, Tenderlonious and Henry Wu.

Piri - Porta Do Sol

Jazz, of course, is what got them into the game, and while assisting in ensuring a future of that genre, they`ve also been preserving its heritage. Accessing the Quartin archives to reissue Victor Assis Brazil`s Toca Antonio Carlos Jobim (his Esperanto is due early 2018), and Piri`s Vocês Querem Mate?

Piri – Porta Do Sol

Far Out also scored a coup in unearthing Hermeto Pascoal`s “lost” Vice-Versa Studio sessions from 1976.

Hermeto Pascoal – Casinha Pequenina

Antonio Adolfo - Cascavel

But for me, the highlights were finally getting my hands on vinyl copies of Antonio Adolfo`s Viralata, and Arthur Verocai`s Encore.

Antonio Adolfo – Cascavel

Arthur Verocai – Bis

Gal Costa - Relance

Mr. Bongo concentrated more on the vaults. Repressing must-have LPs from Gal Costa, Lincoln Olivetti & Robson Jorge, and Tenorio Jr.

Gal Costa – Relance 

Lincoln Olivetti & Robson Jorge – Eva

Tenorio Jr. – Nebulosa


Rolando Reseda

Mr. Bongo`s Brazil45 series added these dance-floor-filling diamonds to their number:

Jorge Autuori – Autorizando

Don Beto – Não Quero Mais

Celia – Zozoio Como E Que E

Rolando Reseda – E Novamente Mas Que Nada

Junior Mendes - Pedras De Cristal

Athens Of The North moved south of the border to go dancing with Junior Mendes` Copacabana Sadia. That dancing getting dirtier with Wilma Dias` La Massagiste.

Junior Mendes – Pedras De Cristal

Wilma Dias – La Massagiste

Ed Motta - Parada De Lucas

The Mighty Zaf, of London`s “go-to” “destination” record shop, Love Vinyl took Ed Motta for an extended Boogie, on Kalakuta Soul.

Ed Motta – Ja!!! (The Mighty Zaf edit) – Kalakuta Soul

Anno Luz - Por Que

Then there was Outro Tempo. The mention of which personally brings my 2017 full circle. Since my review of the compilation was the first piece I posted on Ban Ban Ton Ton. In fact, if it weren`t for its complier, John Gomez, I may well not have launched the site at all. John had put such effort into the interview we conducted that – finding myself without an outlet – I had to create one. It didn`t seem fair for his efforts to be completely wasted or lost.

The collection focusses on previously unheralded Brazilian musicians, who under the influence of Classical Minimalism, Eno, and New Age sought to re-invent Brazil`s musical traditions: Baiao, Embolada, Frevo, Maracatu, Pagode, Repente, and Xote. Creating something both of the past and the future. As the title indicates, out of time.

Maria Rita - Lamento Africano

Sao Paulo`s Selvagem chaps later – with assistance from Optimo – launched their Selva Discos imprint by reissuing the work of one of the artists featured on Outro Tempo. Making Maria Rita`s beautiful Brasileira available to the masses. 

Anno Luz – Por Que – Music From Memory

Maria Rita – Lamento Africano – Optimo / Selva Discos

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