Blindboy / Ruckus In Lo-Fi Revisited / Archeo Recordings

A privately pressed – in tiny numbers – E.P. of Swedish Boom Bap Boom Boom Bap from 1999. Hip Hop that applies Lessons learned from Double Dee & Steinski to a more Rock palate. Of chiming guitars and skronking sax. No doubt inspired by DJ Shadow`s Entroducing.., it also manages to incorporate a radio advertisement for the Electric Prunes. A band whose David Axelrod-produced beats were famously sampled by “The Shad”.

An E.P. that I`m sure everyone associates with Mark Seven. Since Mark included the track I Dream on his contribution to Claremont 56`s Originals series. Mark finding his first copy in Stockholm`s Snickars RecordsI Dream being like The Who`s Eminence Front chatting up Clannad on the set of Miami Vice.

For Archeo`s “Revisit” Joe Morris creates a Dub of the tune. With extended percussion breaks. Replacing those ethereal folk vocals with howling wolves.

Reference Links

Double Dee & Steinski 

Electric Prunes

DJ Shadow 

Eminence Front 


Miami Vice

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