Wally Badarou / The Unnamed Trilogy Vol. 1 / Diskotopia

Daiquiri Diaries electro-fies piano and strings. A scenery not a song that might mix with the more “ambient” work of Larry Heard. But really Badarou-sensi`s music can only be compared to his own. Not just because it`s unique, but because of the influence it`s had. Any comparison to a younger artist, would effectively be an indirect comparison to the man himself. Fisherman Theme also pops and locks away. Like the post-Wildstyle joints of fellow keyboard kings, Herbie Hancock and Bernard Wright. Breaking out the lino and an impossible freeze. But more than anything it references the Jazz Funk of Level 42. The UK band of which Wally was once a member. Awa`s tropical keys and glimpses of Highlife guitar echo the master`s seminal debut LP. The joyful dance of Endless Race or Novela Das Nove. Music full of Nassau sunshine. And water samples. A typewriter tapping out the rhythm. Bolstered by timbale rattle and Cuban brass. Higher Still continues the Classical / New Age Synclavier textures found on Words Of A Mountain. Conducting orchestras of Oberheim, Roland and Yamaha.

Reference Links

Sceneries Not Songs 

Herbie Hancock

Bernard Wright

Level 42 

Endless Race

Novela Das Nove

Words Of A Mountain

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