Halloween Hoodoo Downstairs Mix Up / The Vendetta Suite

It`s been a while since the last release from The Vendetta Suite AKA Gary Irwin. There was a 12 on Steve “Project Club” Lee`s Above Machine a couple of years ago. Before that, way back in the early Noughties, a 7 on David Holmes` 13 Amp Recordings. Gary is probably best known for his work with David. Acting as engineer on Holmes` This Film​s Crap Let`s Slash The Seats and The Holy Pictures albums. Plus a range of remixes the duo undertook for names like Alter Ego, Richie Hawtin, and Andrew Weatherall`s Sabrettes. Gary also produced Techno as C.P.U. and Synthetic Science for David`s Exploding Plastic Inevitable label. Now there`s the 6-track Solar Lodge 23 E.P. on Italy`s Hell Yeah! Marco at the label is super excited by the David Holmes connection. Since the night Holmes stood in for Joey Beltram at Club UK played a large part in Marco`s personal clubbing epiphany. The new E.P. creates a Dub Disco of wah-wah echoes and harp-like glissando. Synths set to stun. Tropicalia loops set to bouncing b-lines. There`s a Digidub / Acid hybrid of the kind that characterised Weatherall`s sets circa 1990. Shout outs from Madhatters and Rude boys. There`s a tribute to Joe Meek`s other worldly Pop. The “Space Age” and sound effects he created in a `60s North London flat. While racing Kosmische arpeggios honour Colin Wilson – the writer and existentialist, who defined the idea of the artistic “outsider”.

Vendetta Suite_FRONT_003

Gary`s mix for Ban Ban Ton Ton was bitches brewed for All Hallow`s Eve. Built on a devil`s backbone of obscure Library finds and sought-after soundtracks. Where Black Sabbath Mogadon doom riffs dance with Blaxploitation Funk. Blow bubblegum Psychedelia. Plunder a B-movie horror of 50 Foot Brides, Vampira and Ed Wood. Where Cosey Fanni Tuti recites a terrifying Scotswood rhyme. Suicide do creepy Electro-Sleaze. Demonic chants initiate ritual. Drums shuffle to the beat of The Mummy`s cloth-wrapped feet. Eerie witching hour chimes awaken ethereal sirens. Frightening fuzz tones possess Garage gore-hounds. Glam grave robbers. Giallo plugged full of gunshots. Jazz-tinged Prog. Jekyll & Hyde. Kitsch Psyche. Macabre metal. New Orleans Gris-Gris. Psycho strings. Where Rock and Roll sparks with the buzz of Dr. Frankenstein`s Tesla coils. Screams, spells and some sympathy for their Satanic Majesties. The tick tock of the Cosmic clock. The thud of a hell-bound heart.Unholy masses. Uneasy listening. Warlocks and werewolves. Born Bad under a blood moon.


Dr John – Zou Zou Mamou

Chris Rae, Frank McDonald – Prowl

Sparrow – Isn’t It Strange

Peter Thomas – Der Hexer

Suicide – Sneakin’ Around

Massiera & Torelli – Radio Galaxia

Jacques Denjean – The Cult

The Calico Wall – I’m A Living Sickness

I Marc 4 – Hyde Park

Ronald Stein – Spiders

Mario Molino – Jerk Beat

Satan’s Breed – Laugh Myself To The Grave

Johnny Otis – Casting My Spell

The Rattles – Devil’s On The Loose

The Mighty Ems – Dr Jekyll Mr Hyde

October Country – My Girlfriend Is A Witch

Rasputin – Sympathy For The Devil

Nightmare – Witch Woman

Monte Cazazza – Mary Bell

Unknown – Girl Of My Dreams

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