2-BMW / Don`t Tell Me / Major Problems

I couldn`t quite fit this one into last week`s round-up. 

A previously unreleased piece of 1990s New Jersey Garage. Produced by Larry Rawson. Not Levan. A conclusion that Mel Keane`s Keith Haring-inspired art might make you jump to. House. But moving around at 105 BPM. More like the Street Soul favoured by Jazzi B and the Funki Dreds at The Africa Centre. The Chimes. Loose Ends meet Bas Noir. Rescued by Dublin`s Compassion Crew / Major Problems. Who are more usually associated with Andrew Weatherall-endorsed Techno Bangers than Tony Humphries` Zanzibar favourites. Though you`d only need a quick look at their sample sources (obscure early electronic Library oddities) and the track-list of last year`s Compassion Cuts, Tapes & Acetates compilation, to realise the eclectic nature of their tastes. As well as the main vocal, the E.P. contains a series of updates and reworks. Larry`s original “lost” Luxury Mix drops the drums for sax-y ambience. While the modern Dubs by The Man In Bed get progressively more out there. Increasing the tempo to 110. Vocodered and Basic Channel-esque (Love), fragmented and funky (Life), then hypnotic and near a cappella (Lost).

Reference Links

The Chimes 

Loose Ends 

Bas Noir

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