Land Of Light / The World Lies Breathing / Melody As Truth

In 2012 Jonny Nash and Kyle Martin released an amazing LP under the alias Land Of Light. It took everyone by surprise. It was just so good. It paid homage to Cafe Del Mar classics by the likes of Vangelis, Eric Serra and Double / Dancing Fantasy – with the production values of an opulent 80s Bryan Ferry session. Painting aural pictures of places such as The Isle Of Tears and Bell Rock Outpost. Available now is its follow-up, The World Lies Breathing. 

land of light the world art

In the last seven years, the world has breathed, and moved, and so have Jonny and Kyle. The new record reflects changes in approach, instrumentation, interests and experience. Instead of nocturnes and tributes to art house film scores and Innovative Communications, their reactivated collaboration is more alined with hyperreal, sparse, modern minimalism of Visible Cloaks – and the Japanese Kankyo Ongaku that inspires them. The singular wave notations of Hiroshi Yoshimura. As if taking a microscope to their previous recordings. Zooming in and taking a fantastic journey through the molecular space between. Recasting the familiar as alien. Stretching and twisting what might have once been water droplets. Making them fizz and buzz. The organic sound encouraged to sing and ring like a Tibetan bowl. Drone metallic. Sonically shine. Plucked strings emit strange isolated notes. Cascading in showers of shards in slow motion. Terraforming unhurried atmospheres from shortwave static and subliminal hum. Spinning tops and steel microtones. Morphing like mercury. Circuits chattering and chirruping like nanotech insects. Musically mediating. Calmly mapping the void. 

You can order a copy of Land Of Light`s The World Lies Breathing, digitally and physically, from Melody As Truth. 

Reference Links

Visible Cloaks

Hiroshi Yoshimura

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