2017 / Trevor Jackson / PRE- 

2017 saw Trevor Jackson begin a process of closure. Of drawing a line under his past, to allow him to focus on the future. Making available music from his archives, before starting anew.

First, UTTER produced a vinyl edition of RGBPM. Trevor`s audio-visual work, originally commissioned for the Optronica Festival, and performed live at London`s IMAX in 2007. The vinyl is gone, but you can still purchase digitally here.

Then came the final release on Trevor`s Yes Wave imprint. Playgroup`s Previously Unreleased Volume 2, was an expansive set of dark, fetishistic, Electronic Body Music. Informed by Electro, Hip Hop, House, Punk Funk, and Techno.

With the close of Yes Wave, Trevor launched Pre-Recordings. A label with a defined, replicant-like, life-span, whose sole purpose is to issue a limited run of select projects from Trevor`s vaults. Starting with Pinklunch. An album`s worth of material that was similar in tone to the Playgroup collection. Obsidian Dance, with guest vocals from C.A.R.`s Chole and Nitzer Ebb`s Douglas McCarthy. In contrast, the extended, psychedelic compositions on Dark And Golden Eyed They Were`s Design Your Dreams wove together New Age, Kosmische, and Horror film scores.

There will be at least two more missives from Pre-Recordings – FROM`s Y.O.U. and SKULL`s Black Static – when Pre- will fold, to make way for Post-, and that future.

I feel extremely fortunate, and honoured, to have been allowed upfront access to all of this.

Three Tracks For Dancing

Roman Flugel – People and Places (Subfield)

LNS & DJ Sotofett – Jugando Con Fuego ‘Club Mix’ (Wania)

Krikor – Niños Matadores (L.I.E.S)

Three Tracks For Chilling

Al Chem – Weird fiction (Art Yard) 

Tapes vs Superstar- Spirit world (Porridge Bullit) 

Kamron Saniee – Tantric Dub (VE 302)

Kamron Saniee - Tantric Dub

Three Long Players

Actress – AZD (Werkdiscs)

Milo  – Who told you to think?… (Ruby Yacht) 

King Krule – OOZ  (XL)

Three Re-issues

Zazou Bikaye CY1 – Noir Et Blanc (Crammed Discs)

Vono – Dinner Fur 2 (Bureau B)

Prince – Purple rain (Paisley Park)

Three Compilations

Bill Brewster – Tribal Rites (Eskimo) 

Gerry and the Holograms (Finders Keepers)

African Headcharge – Environmental Holes & Drastic Tracks (On-U Sound) 

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