Wolf Müller & Niklas Wandt / Instrumentalmusik von der Mitte der World  / Growing Bin Records

Ahu drops into ON-U-esque Dub. African Head Charge`s hole in the ground. Eine Afrikadelle Danke could be Liquid Liquid`s Rubbermiro coupled to sighing Deep House pads. As such, sharing some musical common ground with Golden Teacher. But really Müller and Wandt are continuing a tradition of German progressive Rock electronic experimentation and Fusion. Compositions borne out of extended jams and “freak-outs”. Standing on the shoulders of names like Kraftwerk, Can, Faust, Ash Ra, Guru Guru. Müller `s sometime collaborator Dominik Von Senger. Müller`s myriad machines listed on the album`s sleeve – Akai, Casio, Deltalab, Korg, MPC, and Roland – creating a constantly morphing groove. Somewhere between Mobeius-Plank-Neumeier`s Zero Set and the Disco Improvisations of Aaron Coyes` Leisure Connection. While Wandt alone wields a percussion of around fifty “odd” instruments (Pflanzliche Laxative?). Underlining a sense of humour, and fun (Cosmic Jokers?).

Friends are brought in on sometimes slapped basses, lending the “event” the air of Niagara`s Sangandongo meets Material`s Reduction. Afro / Cosmic classics constructed from synths, shakers and shouts. Cowbell, animal cries and bird whistles. Throat singing, finger cymbals and deconstructed piano.Oriental timbres. Backwards chimes. Pots and pans. Tour De France-like heavy breathing. Jazz solos. Juice harps. Loon bird ambience and poetry. All meet at a Go-Go of sorts. Like the Art Of Noise lost in that Tropic of the drums of Deutschland.

You can pre-order a copy here. If my prose don`t convince you, then just check this amazing live clip:

You can book the duo via The Pool.

Reference Links

African Head Charge


Golden Teacher

Zero Set

Leisure Connection



Afro / Cosmic Classics

Art Of Noise

Tour De France

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