Kuniyuki Takahashi / Early Tape Works 1986 – 1993 / Music From Memory

The opening Night At The Sea Side paints a frozen New Age landscape. Crying like whale song trapped beneath the ice. Singing like Iasos` comforting angels. On Drawing Seeds a mechanised ensemble of Casios, Korgs, Rolands, and Yamahas make computerised Chamber Music. Seigen Ono`s commissions for Comme des Garcons replayed by Wally Badarou`s Synclavier. Day Dreams might pass for Jonny Nash`s current output on Melody As Truth. Chimes, drones, muted horns, and the slow picking of what could be a shamisen. These early solo recordings find Kuniyuki Takahashi creating a “New Oriental Music”. The collected Minimal musical Zen meditations standing shoulder-to-shoulder with the work of those Japanese artists more frequently tagged with the term “Pioneer”. Such as Hiroshi Yoshimura, or Haroumi Hosono. While carrying out these solo experiments Takahashi was also a member EBM duo Deutsches Reichs Patent (signed to Belgium`s Body Records). So Signifie does a Metal Dance. Like Front 242  – with Sherwood at the controls. Tackhead`s hive mind driven to the end of its tether by alien frequencies, sampled TV shows and otherworldly choirs. Central to the compilation is You Should Believe. A ten minute jam of Techno Trance Kosmische. Tripping to bass oscillations, as an assured female guide talks you through inner space. Centres your Universe within. Foreshadowing the spiritual path Takahashi`s later releases would take. When the live percussion kicks off, it`s like Can doing Jazz.

You can pre-order a copy directly here.

Reference Links


Seigen Ono

Wally Badarou 

Jonny Nash


Front 242


Can doing Jazz


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