Wavetest / Wrong Planet / Phantom Island

From the extended family of Zurich`s Drumpoet Community, electronic percussion percolates. Flows like water through smile-inducing, Downtempo, Techno-Soul. Imagine if Begin had hooked up with Detroit`s Belleville Three. The rhythm is a stuttered chug. Guitar, a ringing Morse Code riff. Bass, as fat as Jabba The Hutt`s flatulence. Droids` bleeps and whirrs ping-ponging back and forth. Waves of 303 slowly roll. Winds rush in Dub Disco lift-off. Accompanied by cowbell, and FK`s 80s synths. Clipped chords giving way to Japanese Jazz solos. Cool and breezy. Like Crue-l`s DSK courting Mandy Smith.

Stayed tuned here for news of preorders.

Reference Links


FK`s 80s Synths


Mandy Smith


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