Seekersinternational / Run Come Test / Bokeh Versions

Roots. Sounds of Zion. Ninjaman, the Don Gorgon, name-checked. Disembodied DJs and Emcees echo from the past. Stutter towards the future. Amidst vintage vinyl crackle and thunderclaps of delay. A staccato, beatless Funk of synthesiser ghosts, Earthquake Studios, Horsepower Productions. Mickey Dread`s African Anthem. Burial`s modern inner city Blues. Viewed through the pollution-coated windows of a night bus South. Shot with Daido Moriyama`s raw, street, Bokeh lens. Warp`s Bleep. Love Craft`s robotic hi-jacking of Billy Boyo`s One Spliff A Day. Caught in an endless breakdown of looped, chopped and screwed Techno strings. Detroit via Bukem`s Looking Good and Speed. Arms raised towards heavens in ecstatic epiphany under Rave strobes and lasers. Outernational. Reviving The Second Summer Of Love`s Hardcore call for racial – global – unity.

“Making the most of available technology to reach a higher plain.”

On Run Come Test (released late last year – but with copies only reaching Japan in the last week or so), Seekersinternational make music that pays its respects to history, but remains resolutely of The New. Music paired in aesthetic and tone with that of fellow Canadians Mood Hut. `cept with Dub, instead of Deep House, as its foundation. Larry Heard`s inspirational genius replaced by that of Kings Tubby and Jammy. Dub-plate mantras. A Jamdown (Tuff) Gong bath.

You can find Bokeh Versions` Bandcamp here.

Ransom Note did a nice interview with the label here, while there`s a decent “Modern Leftfield Dub” overview up on Fact.

seekersinternational art 2

Reference Links

Earthquake Studios

Horsepower Productions 

Mickey Dread`s African Anthem


Daido Moriyama

Warp`s Bleep

Love Craft 


Mood Hut

Gong Bath

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