Eleventeen Eston / At The Water / Growing Bin

On John Tanner`s second album-length release as Eleventeen Eston, the guitar is still his primary machine. Yet on the At The Water, in places, he creates a kind of Techno from the complex, metallic counterpoint of his six strings. The laid-back melodic jangle of his debut, Delta Horizon, is still there on Thread And Truth. Pulling in contemporary references such as Horsebeach, and Jefre Cantu-Ledesma. While I Float I Am Free mixes the Electro-Acoustic ambience of John`s collaboration with Andras Fox, as Wilson Tanner, with a clarinet blowing the Love Theme From Blade Runner. Pianos vamp and roll. Are filtered and phased. Muted through a Tibetan bowl haze. Rhythm boxes occasionally pop and dance. But it`s the opening tracks, C In Sympathy, and D`Or, that standout. Tanner`s axe hit and plucked like a tribal drum. Combining Reich & Metheny`s Minimalism with Opafire`s World Fusion. Kuniyuki`s Earth Beats. The overall tone of D`Or in particular recalls something from Black Dog Productions. 

You can order a copy of Eleventeen Eston`s At The Water directly from The Growing Bin.

Reference Links

Delta Horizon


Jefre Cantu-Ledesma

Wilson Tanner

Blade Runner

Reich & Metheny 


Kuniyuki`s Earth Beats

Black Dog Productions

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