Shy Layers / Midnight Marker / Beats In Space

I still can`t understand why JD Walsh`s music as Shy Layers hasn’t received more acclaim.

When Growing Bin Records sent me the promo for JD`s first physical LP, I emailed them straight back and said, “This is great. But it`s bigger than us. Make sure you send it to The Quietus, etc.” They did, and Pitchfork duly put it in their Top Twenty Electronic Releases of 2016. In my mind it was a must have Summer album. Not just for the music obsessed, but for those who might buy just one or two new things a month. Its crossover potential was such that I likened it to Air, Bent, Django Django, Goldfrapp, and Lemon Jelly. Envisioning it to be displayed proudly on all hip home Hi-Fis. Soundtracking beach holidays, barbecues, and family road-trips. 

I don`t know if that happened. 

Shy Layers` second long-player sees a label change, to Beats In Space. But the tunes are still Modern Pop from the Underground that deserve to go overground. Mixing machines with loose, tumbling live elements. Robotic Reggae and Funk with African Highlife. Gentle polyrhythmic warmth. Synthetic New Age sighs and vocoders, with male and female harmonies. Imagine Steve Winwood remixed by Visible Cloaks. Connan Mockasin jamming with Eleventeen Eston. Sinkane with Secret Circuit. Mandre covering Crosby Stills and Nash. Zapp doing Paul Simon`s Rhythm Of The Saints. 

You can order a copy directly from the artist here.

Reference Links

Steve Winwood

Visible Cloaks

Connan Mockasin

Eleventeen Eston 


Secret Circuit

Mandre covering Crosby Stills and Nash (this did actually happen, but there`s no Youtube clip)


Paul Simon

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