Takashi Kokubo / A Dream Sails Out To Sea (Get At The Wave) / Lag Records

This is another Japanese recording whose popularity you can attribute to Chee Shimizu, and his financially ever-appreciating “Bible” on the “Obscure”. An album originally given away as a promotional item with Sanyo`s top-end air-conditioning units. Music designed to transport its listener away from Tokyo`s Summer heat and humidity. To blue skies, blue seas, sun, and a cooling tropical breeze. Takashi Kokubo`s A Dream Sails Out To Sea does this with aplomb. Its slowly evolving compositions consisting of revolving, simple refrains. Played on acoustic guitar and piano. Harp, and wind chimes. Synthesised strings and pan pipe patches. Part New Age Zen gardening. Part `80s Art House soundtrack. Lovers` serenades set to sampled surf. An aural antidote to the capital`s busy city crossings. Bustle and bodies. Human traffic in ten directions. While the city survives on its cultural politeness, if you stop, you get left behind. Moving against the crowd, often not an option. People packed into tiny offices and tiny-ier apartments. Businesses and residentials side-by-side. On top of one another. The fact that artists, such as Takashi Kokubo, Yoshio Ojima, Hiroshi Yoshimura, etc., managed to create pieces like these in such surroundings, is all the more impressive. Their measured patience a testament to both focus and imagination. 

Sanyo split the 1987 disc into two distinct sides. A Dream Sails Out To Sea, and Relaxing Sound Story. Unfortunately the masters for the latter have been lost. For this 2018 edition, Lag Records replace the two missing tracks with a previously unreleased sixteen minute cut from the same sessions. So even if you`re lucky enough to own an original, you should still consider picking up the reissue. You can pre-order a copy here. 

Takashi Kokubo Art



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