Singu / Siki / Growing Bin Records

Put simply, Singu`s Siki is Post-Rock Improv. Their music making a fitting addition to Growing Bin`s catalogue, alongside the Jazz explorations of Krakatau, and the percussive experiments of Wolf Muller and Niklas Wandt. All three outfits in search of the Cosmic. But the Hiroshima-based Singu are less Daniele Baldeli and more Coltrane`s Stellar Regions. Less “public access Jazz Band meets Totalitarian Sci-Fi”, and more Faust. 

A couple of numbers borrow from Drum and Bass. Bop2B`s near classical piano backed by a roll not unlike Roni Size`s Brown Paper Bag. While the subdued sirens and sampled dialogue of 44, bring to mind DJ Trace`s By Any Means Necessary. A rush from LTJ Bukem`s Speed. And they`re the tamer parts of the set. 

The rest of it takes the psychedelic onslaught, the out and out freedom, of BYG-Actuel as a template. Cymbals, everything really, crashing, in controlled euphoric explosions. Passionate waves smashing against serenity beach. Updating it with digital processing that stutters the battery. Stretches the looped guitars in to animal howls. Wolves baying at the moon. The Electronics / EFX sending in UFOs, while the bass-line vamps on James Brown`s Funk. Synthesised strings swooning. Fractals and fireworks igniting. The Universe communing. 

You can order a copy of Singu`s Siki at The Growing Bin. 

Reference Links

Stellar Regions


Brown Paper Bag 

Any Means Necessary 


James Brown`s Funk 

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