Okinawa Delays / Lotta Love / Music For Dreams

In a Looking For The Balearic Beat Stop Press, Okinawa Delays, fresh-ish from one of Claremont 56`s biggest selling singles, release a smooth cover of Neil Young`s Lotta Love. Taking its inspiration no doubt from the recently reissued blue-eyed Boogie version by Nicolette Larson (was that legit?), its City Pop shimmy is dominated by some great, jazzy guitar. Wiggling in the direction of Ned Doheny`s dance-floor moments. 

Remixes come from Phil Mison, Psychemagik, and Willy Graff, with Darren Eboli. The latter whisk the track to the beach. Mixing the drums way down, and reducing the bass-line to a lazy sun-lounger skank. Harp and electric keys replace that guitar, which is confined to a solitary strum at the end. Psychemagik kinda do the opposite, and drag vocalist Satoko Ishimine into a darker club corner.  One that`s banging and tribal. Fragmenting the song, and manhandling Satoko-san the same way Arthur Baker did Stevie Nicks. The dogs of desire snarling and baring their teeth in the background.  

Phil Mison`s Balearic House Mix goes Euro-Dancing upon a Noche Española. There`s a touch of the Bananarama`s, balanced by an homage to Dave Morales / Def Mix, with a neat Red Zone-esque b-line (fuck me, if I wasn`t thinking of Alison Limerick while listening to the Dub). Synth stabs and swirls are borrowed from the soundtrack of Ibiza `90 and Rimini `92. Distilling your favourite Scream-Ups into something slightly more sophisticated. The piano solo, more restrained than a simple Pavlovian Rave arms-in-the-air. But it`ll still give you that odd feeling at the bass of your spine all the same. 

Already available in Japan, copies should be in your shops on Friday. 

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