Penya / Super Liminal Remixed / On The Corner

Chimes and fanfares. Chants and whispers. Locked grooves syncing into a Samba. B-lines. Rewinds. Gently percussive songs. Kissing cousins of Brazil’s Outro Tempo.

“Organic” electronics, of Wolf Muller chuggers, and sunset / sunrise carnivals. Popping Rhythm Box devils. Android Jazz and Second Summer Of Love echoes. Kalimba and a 909 kick. Like MARRS moved to a Balinese beach.

A Punk Funk of “Heat Beat” cowbell, Dinosaur L keys, Komix Crew Freestyle throb, and Omar Souleyman synths. 

You can order a copy of Penya`s Super Liminal Remixed from On The Corner Records.

You can catch Penya live tonight at Brighton`s Patterns (November 1st), and at London`s Jazz Cafe on New Years Eve. 

Penya Super Liminal Remixed copy

Reference Links

Outro Tempo

Wolf Muller


Heat Beat

Dinosaur L

Komix Crew

Omar Souleyman

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