Maisha / There Is A Place / Brownswood

Flute blows a calming balm over intersecting orbits of piano and percussion. Seashells and bells. A sound of stars aligning. The bass-line a tribal heart pumping. Strings winding a silk road. Taking flight at the point where pathways meet. Keys rise and rocket, bolstered by brass. Guitar duetting with woodwind, while the battery taps out a rapid Funk. Sax skronking Noir tales. Spilling the beans on a city`s secrets. A dance of a thousand hustles. Exploding into song. A Nuyorcian Soul. Passing the baton to fluid fretboard runs. Batucada breakdowns. `Til the joint`s jumping. Bass stands upright. Reeds weave snaking charms. Harp parts a beaded veil. Electric solos climb, scale, breathlessly, reaching dizzying heights. Their last gasp a cue for Lester to leap back in. The orchestra racing to keep up. Furious Boogaloo bongos break for a cello`s ache. Cymbals and timpani crash, opening the gate. Subsiding as rhythm gallops free, in a round midnight blue chase. Pied Piper-like pulling in players. Taking it in turns to set the pace. Horns honking. Wah-wah licking. In unison, releasing Walt Whitman`s great yawp. A joyful noise unto the creator. Firing out notes from a universal love gun. Clipped chords moving like impossible spatted-shoed feet. Tapping out magic. Casting a spell. Lighting out for sanctuary, a new Eden. Where the mysteries of Man are no longer important. Hatred, and war, forgotten. Banished, in return for inner peace. 

Maisha are a London-based collective, led by drummer Jake Burns. You can pre-order a copy of There Is A Place directly from Brownswood Recordings. 

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