Yasuaki Shimizu / Dementos / Japanism

In 2018 Japanism released a compilation of selected cuts, and edits, taken from Yasuaki Shimizu`s Subliminal. An album recorded in Paris, in 1987, under the influence of Electro and Afrika Bambaataa. Japanism now have Shimizu`s 1988 follow-up, Dementos, back in shops. Finding the saxophonist still in thrall to the sound of Bambaataa`s Timezone, and Bill Laswell`s Celluloid imprint. But moved to London, and enlisting the assistance of Flying Lizard, David Cunningham. The Avant / underground musician, and contemporary / friend of Steve Beresford, David Toop, and This Heat. Manny Elias, from Tears For Fears, providing the drums. Pandit Dinesh, of Steve Coe and Shelia Chandra`s Indipop family (plus countless sessions for the likes of ABC, Blancmange, Heaven 17, The The, Thompson Twins), suppling percussion. The recording taking place at Dominique Brethes` Wolf Studios in Brixton. A venue whose “Balearic credentials” include The Beloved, and Orchestra J.B. 

Sampled vocals are stuttered into typewriter staccato. Playful rhythm. Run backwards. A babel. A comment, perhaps, on language. Stolen shortwave transmissions, weather reports, promise clear skies and fine days. Synthesizers trumpet, leading a Pop dance (one that could segue sweetly into that recent Elaine Kibaro 7”, proving its global, cosmopolitan nature, and the boundary destroying power of technology). The Funk is electronic, ethnic – tabla and machine. Think Ryuichi Sakamoto`s Tibetan Dance. Shimizu`s reeds twisted into snake charmer smoke. At its most energetic on Soul De Rock. Tribal thumping. Like Ginger Baker’s Laswell-produced Horses & Trees. With added sax fire. 

Reference Links


Flying Lizards 


Wolf Studios 

Elaine Kibaro 

Tibetan Dance 

Horses & Trees 

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