Ultramarine / Signals Into Space / Les Disques du Crépuscule

Electro-Acoustic pioneers, Ultramarine, Paul Hammond and Ian Cooper, are back with a new album. Mixing machines, field recordings, and the vocals of Anna Domino. The chanteuse responsible for countless “Balearic” essentials. On Signals Into Space, her voice moves between Bristolian, Portishead Blues, and ethereal siren S.O.S. (accompanied by whale song constructed from arcs of backwards guitar). On the track, Arithmetic, she recites William Blake in the manner of a Prince Protege. 

Their collaborations are Pop songs of Kosmische Motorik sequences and birdsong. Rimshot hits trapped in reverb and Dub rattle. Room-shaking 4 / 4 boom. Rhythms that pulse like a cicada chorus. Ambience that flows like fresh water. A mirage of sustain. Close miked fingers sliding down strings. Melody picked out like pegs clicking against metal tongues on a slowly wound music box. An evolving Jazz – one comparison that springs to mind is Massimo Amato`s In The Mood – of Gospel handclaps, groovy, percussive, Cuban Rumba, and spiritual sax. Coloured by Exotica vibraphone, and Brain-Dance-era Aphex detail.

When it`s downtempo, the record fondly remembers the duo’s past. The undulating snake of a bass-line, and the IDM breakbeat of If Not Now When?, a nod to the hazy, halcyon daze, of 1990, and their classic, Stella. When it`s uptempo, it`s the idiosyncratic 21st Century House of Sheffield`s Crooked Man. 

You can order a copy of Signals Into Space directly from Les Disques du Crépuscule.

Reference Links

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Crooked Man

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