Lee Perry / African Starship / ON-U Sound

Lee “Scratch” Perry reunites with Adrian Sherwood. Flipping the title of Creation Rebel`s seminal ON-U release (Starship Africa) into African Starship. The two veterans delivering a masterclass in reflective Reggae reduction. Delineating a distance travelled. Wisdom acquired. Both defiantly still standing, uncompromising. All bluff, bluster, and sub-bass subtracted, on this post-midnight meditation. Where a lonely guitar figure patiently unwinds. The push-buttons on Perry`s Soul Fire EKO ComputeRhythm wheeze. Worn out, and wounded. Mento horns whisper memories of Calypso ghosts. Where the dreams ain`t broken, just walking with the aid of a stick. The Upsetter knocking on, thoughtful, but “Here To Go”. His sights now set a tad further than the motherland. 

African Starship is a teaser for the new Perry / Sherwood long-player, Rainford, and ON-U Sound`s revival of their legendary Pay It All Back series (it`s been twenty-three years since Volume 6). More on both releases to follow. You can pre-order here. 

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