Nummer / Space Oddities Vol.1 / Butter Sessions

In the past I’ve described Nummer`s music as “an electrical storm in an alien rainforest”, and “transmissions from a broken future radio”. Pinned their Tribal Electro-improvisations, as “Jazz, where Techno is the teacher”. The duo are subliminal shamen. Taking distorted, dirty, 4 / 4 kicks and punches at Ambient. Filling a Fourth World of jungle shrieks and percussion with Chicago House tropes. A dance of phased handclaps, and 303 itch. Try to imagine if 23 Skidoo’s Gospel had gone to Detroit, instead of Nu Guinea. 

There are strong similarities with the releases of KK Records. Psychick Warriors Ov Gaia, and Exquisite Corpse. But the machine rituals are softened in comparison by an equal affection for Dub, and delay. Babel is sampled. Whispers in many tongues. Bass is warped. Breaks syncopated. Keys come in 90s NYC Garage clusters. Gravitation is metallic. Constructed from bash, boom and echoing ring. The Funk attack of Underground Resistance`s Interstellar Fugitives. Robotic entities chattering in its shadows. Diving Bodies feels aquatic. A swirling ocean of sound rocked by depth charge detonations. Summoning disembodied deities. Voices between Buddhist chant and whale song. Stargazing builds beatless drama from looped chimes. Treated and clipped. Exploded, frozen fragments. Drexciyan blasts of synthesized noise. 

You can purchase Nummer`s Space Oddities Vol. 1 directly from Butter Sessions. 

Reference Links

Fourth World

23 Skidoo

Psychick Warriors Ov Gaia

Exquisite Corpse

Interstellar Fugitives


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