Wolf Muller Meets The Nile Project / Nouvelle Ambiance

Triangle, finger cymbals, congas, and a big bass drum. Shaking the Earth like Kong on the move. Synthesized animals screech and shout in a trademark Wolf Muller urban jungle groove. Slightly Industrial. Marching, hypnotic. Traditional elements woven into a rhythm of classic Kosmische lineage. Kinda Moebius, Plank and Neumeier`s Zero Set, with added juice harp. A sheen of organ drone.  Wood blocks keeping double-time. Percussion detuned, with a fuzzed Psyche edge. Curt Cress` Dschung Tek if pitched down from 127 to 110 BPM. 

Nouvelle Ambiance release the collaboration between Jan Schulte AKA Wolf Muller and the Nile Project. Fourteen days of experimentation that took place in 2016. Under the banner of Santuri East Africa. The same arts organization that brought together Auntie Flo and musicians from Uganda in 2015. Nouvelle Ambiance’s parent label, Sofrito, issuing the results of that meeting as The Soniferous Garden. 

Mr Schulte found himself in the Nile Valley. The earliest cradle of Human civilization. Settlements here date back to 7000 BC. The press one-sheet describes his collaborators as Nubian. Their place of origin therefore either Sudan or Egypt. From the verdant banks of the Nile, as it runs through Africa. South from the Mediterranean. Rapasa Nyatrapasa plays the nyatiti. A lyre from Kenya. The voices travel between Muezzin, the Blues of the neighbouring Saharan Tuareg, and something more like Algerian Raï. The songs of The Maghreb. Sharing a little with the recordings made by James Holden and Floating Points with Moroccan Gnawa master, Maalem Mahmoud Guinia. Fadela`s N`Sel Fik, or even a reading of Yemenite poem, Im Nin`alu. From the Arabian Peninsula. Across The Red Sea. 

Wolf Muller Meets The Nile Project is released on April 5th. You can order a copy directly from Nouvelle Ambiance. If you`re in Berlin, there’s a launch party tomorrow, April 3rd, at Paloma Bar. Sounds provided by Wolf Muller, Hugo Mendez (Sofrito, Nouvelle Ambiance) and David “Africa In Your Earbuds” Tinning. 

Reference Links

Zero Set

The Soniferous Garden


Maalem Mahmoud Guinia

N`Sel Fik

Im Nin`alu

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