Vesa-Matti / List Of Lizards  / Going Good

Cavernous bottom-end boom is sliced by sharp shards of treated piano. Nyabinghi rattle sounding a Sci-Fi Grounation. Extrapolating Stefan Betke`s scientific skank. Sampled minutiae exploded to the size of a room, a womb, of all-engulfing bass. Tiny details made stark against its thunderclap echoes of Tubby`s Hi-Fi. Strings and electric machine melodies. A metronome tick tock tripping in delay. Drum circle rituals haunted by the voices of the spirits they invoke.

Vesa-Matti Kivioja`s List Of Lizards isn’t Ambient, but it`s certainly hypnotic. A mechanized-fusion that funks fluidly alongside the music of Cosmic Handshakes, Deep Nalstrom and Nummer. The extended musical family of the Going Good imprint. While there’s a sonic kinship for sure, Kivioja`s set is far more stripped-back. Baked and blasted into dubwise. Nagging signals. Organ keys. A timpani of alien cogs and gears. Dials transforming their tones, and changing chords, on the fly. On Solitary Anole he sweetens the darkness with soothing synth swells. Providing a light at the end of the organic techno tunnel. Circuits stuttering and squeaking like a chorus of Brazilian cuica to the broken beat ghost of a crooked carnival batucada. 

You can order a copy of Vesa-Matti Kivioja`s List Of Lizards E.P. directly from Going Good.

Reference Links


Stefan Betke

Tubby`s Hi-Fi

Cosmic Handshakes

Deep Nalstrom


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