Curt Cress / Dschung Tek / Music From Memory

German drummer Curt Cress has picked up the sticks for more bands than you can count. Creating Fusion with Daniele Baldelli favourites, Passport. Playing on sessions for chart acts ranging from Boney M, Milli Vanilli, and The Scorpions. Producing artists such as Nena, and Nina Hagen. Forging a later career composing film and TV soundtracks. He currently teaches, and holds the rank of professor in Hamburg. 

Music From Memory have journeyed into Cress` past to release a five-track E.P., selecting music from his 1983 solo debut long-player, Avanti, and his appropriately titled, Bäng, from 1992. The earlier pieces – Sundance, Power Vein, and Flying High – define the set`s spirit. Amazing percussive workouts of percolating marimba, and Techno touches. Twisting the battery of Simple Minds-esque stadium Rock into talking drums. Illuminating darker, New Beat-like syncopation with plaintive refrains. A bit like a missing link between Tullio De Piscopo`s Suonando La Batteria Moderna, and Andrea Benini`s Drumphilia. Stuff that was bound to have been on the influential playlists of both the Cosmic Club and the Liaisons Dangereuses radio show. But it`s Bäng`s Dschung Tek that`s the smash. Catchy choruses of tumbling tribal tones. Jazz-inflected flashes. Playful, and definitely UP. Its irresistible crashing of Din Daa Daa meets In The Air Tonight interrupted by bird song, and elephant roars. Squiffy machines scatting. A cute breakdown of insect, bee, buzz. A marvelous mix of The Grid doing Lime at Shoom, and Andre Kraml`s 2004 leftfield Ibiza hit, Safari. 

You can order a copy of Curt Cress` Dschung Tek directly from Music From Memory. 

Reference Links

Simple Minds stadium Rock

Suonando La Batteria Moderna


Liaisons Dangereuses

Din Daa Daa

In The Air Tonight

The Grid doing Lime

Andre Kraml


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